Bespoke Website Development

Need something that can't be bought off the shelf?

We are experts in CSS, PHP, JavaScript and HTML and we can build your solution from scratch.

We have two preferred methods, the WordPress route and the Laravel route.


WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system. It is easy to use and has a vast community of developers that support it and who write plugins (software that can easily be installed to add extra functionality) specifically for it. However by making modification of WordPress accessible to less experienced users, it leaves them ready to fall into one of the many hidden pitfalls.

We have our own methodology for using WordPress. All our WordPress sites are built using WooCommerce’s Canvas framework and a hand-picked suite of premium plugins that we know we can rely upon. These allow us to deliver a beautiful, functional site with no surprises.

The Advantages

  • Websites can be built quickly and cost effectively.
  • Access to large library of plugins.
  • It is easy to find new WordPress developers if needed.
  • When used with Visual Composer it is extremely easy to add and edit content.
  • It’s likely that your in-house marketing team already has some experience using it.

The Disadvantages

  • Wordpress is built to be versatile so there is more code processed than required. This overhead means WordPress will never be as fast as our other solutions.
  • The combination of being the world’s most popular CMS and the large amount of code that is used to make WordPress versatile means that WordPress is less secure than other CMSs. We always add additional security to our WordPress sites and have backups we can deploy on clean servers in case of a successful attack and thankfully we have only had to deal with very few such instances however there is no denying that WordPress is at higher risk than other CMSs.


Laravel truly is a developers wet dream. Laravel is a revolutionary PHP framework that incorporates all the best features of the world’s best PHP frameworks in one clean and well thought out architecture that follows the latest considerations of best practice web development. The result is that Laravel websites are unbelievably fast, secure and stable.

We build websites in Laravel completely from scratch and this means that they take substantially longer to build than they would in WordPress. We would recommend Laravel for a website that required a large amount of bespoke functionality or where the site’s loading speed is considered critical.

The Advantages

  • Extremely fast page load times
  • Very secure
  • Totally versatile

The Disadvantages

  • Websites take longer to build
  • There are fewer Laravel developers

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