Taking Photographs for Websites

One of the most important features of a good website is good visuals. It is very hard to make an attractive website using bad photographs and it’s very easy to make an attractive website using good ones.

Our guide to buying domains and setting them up

I am going to try here to explain how a domain works, the pros and cons of different setups and what my personal preferred setup is.

Introducing October: A new way of doing things

Welcome to our new website. Fast isn’t it? It loads in 1/10 the time of our old site. Want to know why?

Productivity Tools We Use

There are a lot of services out there that make a company’s life easier. That allow you to work faster, communicate clearer, get a better perspective and reduce human error. Most of the following have free trial options but I have found them all worth the price they charge for premium subscriptions.

Training with the Telephone Assassin

It is true that when you have a hammer every problem looks like a nail. I have an impressively broad digital marketing skill set and the strategies I write are multi-channel, precise in audience, measurable, cost effective and they work. However they are based on training and experience that is heavily digitally specialised. Sometimes you have to stop and honesty ask the question: ‘is my approach the best approach’. Sometimes digital need to retreat to a support position and let another discipline take the vanguard.