Hammersmith Academy

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Hammersmith Academy had an impending Ofsted inspection and needed a new website that would allow them to communicate more clearly. Their previous website was difficult to manage and the previous agency had been too slow with updating the site. They needed a new site which would make it much easier for parents to find relevant information and thus also to reduce the workload on the administrative staff. So they approached Square Socket.

Back to Work

“ After joining Hammersmith Academy, one of my priorities was to rejuvenate the school website, which had been left dormant since the school opened five years ago. It was unintuitive, overly complicated and had an unworkable CMS. Shopping around I was routinely given quotes that were way out of the school’s budget and seemed excessive for the relatively simple work I wanted to do. That’s until I found Square Socket.

At first I thought the attractive price may denote less quality work but I couldn’t be more wrong. If anything Square Socket provide a far more bespoke, personal and flexible approach than any other website developer I’ve known. They understood and catered for not only my technical requirements, but also embraced the look, feel and personality of the school brand that the website needed to convey and incorporated it successfully into the website design. Their comprehensive and tailored training programme ensured I knew my way around the CMS and as such I am now able to make any adjustment I want and in good time (this is hugely important for the fast paced turnaround of a school and last minute changes for Ofsted inspections and so forth), and they are always on hand to implement any changes I can’t do myself within a matter of minutes.

I am very satisfied with Square Socket and would recommend them to anyone. Thanks to them we now have a shiny new website we can be proud of. ”

Andrew Anderson

Communications Manager, Hammersmith Academy