The Pet Barn

Local Pet Shop

The Pet Barn had paid a huge amount of money to a different web design agency and received a very poor service. It had taken them over a year to put together a very poor website which was never published. They hired a new marketing manager we’d worked with before to rejuvenate their store and she immediately dropped the old agency and brought in Square Socket. The Pet Barn fell in love with our first design and we had the new website published within the month.

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We have put thousands of pounds in to website design companies that just havent delivered what we are asking for. We were Recommended Square Socket by a friend and we now finally have a website we are proud of! Would recommend to anyone, they are all friendly and are more than happy to help. The price we paid for our new website was a quarter of the price previously paid to another company and the quality and customer service is 10x better.

Danni Moreau

Marketing Manager, The Pet Barn

Animated backgrounds

Lots of small detailing to convey the their message of a natural healthy lifestyle

Easy to use backend

Galleries of products stocked