Exclusive Luxury Products

TUWAJUWE fOr SUBIRA is a startup company that creates the most exquist limited edition furnishings. Their tables and brand are highly unique, irregular and expensive and they wanted a website that reflected that.

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I wanted a unique website unlike other websites. Being a product designer I view design in a physical matters but web design is coding, all I did was sketching and hoping that Richard will be able to create it, Richard was very patient with me because it’s not easy to have a designer as a client. Richard didn’t shy from any challenge and whenever he faced a complicated request from me, he would ask for extra time to come up with a solution. I was more than happy with the website.

Richard is always available whenever you need him and he replies to his email to make sure that everything is running smoothly.

Work aside, Richard is a delightful person very friendly, most of the time we met we spent talking about life in general and getting to know each other.

Destin Mupendwa

Contemporary irregular website design

Interactive elements

Mobile friendly

Irregular custom product template