OctoberCMS Web Development

What is it?

It is superior to other CMS’s and is our platform of choice.

  • It is faster
  • It is more secure
  • It is more stable

OctoberCMS brings with it all the wondrous benefits of Laravel along with a basic interface upon which a truly custom website or application can be built.

Site’s built in OctoberCMS have an average loading time of less than 1s.

Now all content management systems can be used to build a good looking website. But very few could come anywhere close to a page load time of less than 1s. It cannot be stressed enough how important page loading time is to user experience.

This is because OctoberCMS is based upon the Laravel php framework. Until recently we have been using Laravel exclusively to build web applications on. Those are websites that have such extensive and specific functionality that they more closely resemble software than a website. Laravel based websites are extremely fast loading however they take so long to build that they are cost prohibitive to most businesses. OctoberCMS allows us to bridges that gap.

Allowing us to produce websites with world class speed and stability for a fraction of the previous cost.


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