The purpose of the software is to streamline the creation of independent food ordering websites. Making it cost effective for a local restaurant to run their own food delivery service independent of 3rd party apps.

  • Take orders securely
  • Great user experience
  • Extraordinary load time
  • Low transactional cost

TakeAway2 allows restaurants to cut overheads and control the relationship they have with their buyers. If you rely on 3rd party apps to drive your sales your business is vulnerable to having it’s customers tempted elsewhere, to high commissions, price rises and the fear that ending your service with them would mean the collapse of your business.

If you don’t have a direct relationship with your buyers then your business is vulnerable.

The purpose of TakeAway2 is to give restaurants the ability to protect their loyal customers and cut their costs whilst at the same time giving customers the streamlined ordering service that they have become used to from well-funded 3rd party apps.

TakeAway2 is a platform that we have developed in-house at Square Socket. It is based upon the Laravel php framework and as such is thoroughly stable and has a competitively fast loading speed.

TakeAway2 highlights:


  • An insanely fast average page load time of less than 1s
  • Customer accounts that:
  • Allow users to sign in quickly using their Facebook account
  • Allow customers to save multiple addresses and select them during checkout
  • Allows customers to save their card details for future orders
  • Allows customers to specify future delivery dates / times
  • Access an invoice record of all previous orders


  • Secure platform
  • Easy to edit menu and prices
  • An intuitive on page editor for editing text and images
  • Orders are displayed in the backend of your site, emailed to you and can be integrated with some till systems.
  • A multi-stage cart system
  • Different user permissions for managers and staff


  • Low transactional fees
  • Ability to suspend orders when your kitchen is over capacity


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