3rd party Advert Manager

The simplest solution is to pull adverts in from a 3rd party source. They decide which adverts will be most effective, and their ad areas are embedded into the website template. When users click on the ads, the advertiser pays the platform and the platform pays you.

The drawbacks of this system is that you are paid a lower advert rate for adverts and you have no say over whose adverts are displayed. The advantages are that it is quick, easy and simple to maintain.

An in-house advert system

We have built own in-house ad manager. This allows your admin to create adverts on your site, enabling you to sell the advertising space directly to the advertiser in order to get a higher rate. In this way,  you can build more strategic business relationships and provide more useful links to your users. We offer you:

  • complete freedom of size, style and location of adverts;
  • a location- and category-based display (e.g. oncology advertisers can advertise just on oncology articles and you can upsell high footfall page);
  • click volume reports provided via Google Analytics;
  • customisable end dates on adverts;
  • the insertion of rotational timers on adverts.


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