• Complete freedom to change prescription process
  • Assign complex prescription rules by ticking a single box
  • Uses WooCommerce’s vanilla product builder
  • Cheap to scale
  • User friendly
  • Product automation friendly

Other solutions on the market were either too complex to be user-friendly, too time-consuming to be economical or did not have the options an optician requires to sell custom prescription glasses.

So, we developed our own opticians’ website solution that allows opticians to:

  • quickly apply complex reading or sunglasses rules to simple WooCommerce products by ticking a single box;
  • give granular control of pricing regarding product variations;
  • give upsell opportunities for coatings, filters and denser lenses;
  • give four ways for prescriptions to be added:
    • a tick box for clients whose details are on record at the opticians;
    • a file upload option for photographs or pdfs of prescription cards;
    • a custom input;
    • an option to provide this information later.
  • Add all order details to the order emails and the WooCommerce order interface;
  • work seamlessly with a vanilla install of WooCommerce, making the data easily migratable.


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