Low-security shared password areas

For low-security group solutions, when content areas are private but not legally sensitive and which need to be shared by a group but where individual users do not require unique logins, we have created our own cookie-based password field.

A group of people can be given the same password that is periodically changed by the admin, allowing the users to gain access to all private content areas for 24 hours. They can view the group calendars, download files and read articles. After 24 hours, they will have to insert the password again to regain access. This is a low-security but user-friendly and secure area solution.

Medium-security, user-specific access areas

When you need to grant and deny access to specific individuals, we use a plugin to manage the user tables, a permissions and password reset functionality and then build our own content templates, wrapped using specific permission requirements. This gives us the freedom to control what content is restricted whilst keeping development costs low.

High security requirements

We will happily discuss your specific needs with the utmost discretion.


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