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You can choose to host it yourself, however we recommend that the team responsible for building your site and possessing intimate technical knowledge of the requirements and dependencies on your site, be responsible for it in a continually suitable and stable environment.

What’s the risk of self-hosting?

A common situation to avoid is when a server or software update results in the site breaking. In this situation, the hosting company will refer you to your developer to fix it and your developer will charge your to do it because they were not responsible for the update that caused it, nor do they have the permissions needed to resolve the problem. Headaches arise when time is wasted by the various parties negotiating their responsibilities, having to obtain quotes and raise budgets and obtaining agreements from other departments.

It is much smoother for the client if the first person to receive the error notification is the website developer who fully understands the nature of the problem, has the skills to fix it, has access to all the backups, logs, server configuration settings and admin commands to fix the issue immediately and has the authority to migrate the site if the server is no longer fit for purpose.

This way, technical problems are molehills and avoid becoming mountains.

Hosting 3rd Party Websites

We can offer to take over, host and maintain 3rd party sites, however this is contingent upon your site being vetted. Unfortunately, not all website developers have our dedication to efficient and lean code, and sites that have been built by the unscrupulous or inexperienced are often resource hogs or security risks. This effects the time and resources we need to assign to their maintenance, and thus this service is priced on a case-by-case basis.

Tech support

If we build you a bespoke site, the hosting fee also covers tech support. We define tech support within the scope of the elements that we built. If our programming has a glitch, we will fix it. This does not cover additional development or content support, which are billed on an hourly rate.

Basic Site Hosting

From £200 / year for hosting & tech support*

E-commerce Site Hosting

From £350 / year for hosting & tech support*

*prices can vary based on application size and demand

Site updating and content support

We sell 10-hour blocks of prepaid support time for £450.*

*Please note this rate only applies if paid in advance of the work being started. Otherwise, we charge a set hourly fee of £60 / hour.


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