On top of the functions the vanilla version of WooCommerce has as standard, we have extended the platform to include:

  • gift options at checkout;
  • multivendor marketplaces;
  • event tickets and payments;
  • an optician taxonomy-based, prescription product add-on with granular control of variation pricing;
  • multi feed affiliate marketing;
  • product feeds sorted by product meta data, allowing users to search and sort multiple 3rd party product feeds to compare furniture that can fit within small awkward spaces in their city flat;
  • product-sorting interface where users put in their symptoms and are recommended products based on symptoms;
  • expanding nutritional and diet information on food products;
  • category-based informative icons;
  • redirection to custom NHS legal forms required before purchase of COVID-19 testing kits and attached to orders;
  • generation of custom coupons for corporate clients to provide their staff with to allow individual redeeming and fulfilment of bulk orders;
  • integration with warehousing fulfilment solutions;
  • integration with 3rd part CRM systems;
  • custom scripts requiring customers to order wine in bottle multiples of 12 with informative upsell pop up messages;
  • custom upsell interface during the checkout process to recommend product pairings based on what is in the cart;
  • upsell progress bar to incentivise increasing order value to achieve free shipping or other coupon-based incentive;
  • custom script that attaches specific wine-tasting notes to an order email;
  • insertion of additional required legal compliance agreements to orders;
  • charitable donations;
  • credit card payment interface that takes invoice number and processes credit card transactions;
  • additional automated marketing events triggered by specific orders, such as sending follow up emails a set period of time after clients have purchased a specific type or product.


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